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AHS Policies



Students reserve their time slot weekly or bi-monthly. If you need to cancel or reschedule, it's no problem. We all have busy lives! I just ask for 24 hours notice if possible. If notice is given, I am happy to offer a make-up lesson within 2 weeks. It is the student's responsibility to reschedule, otherwise the lesson fee will be forfeited. 

If I need to reschedule a lesson, I will make every effort to be sure you get all your lessons in within the month. I offer the options to roll the lesson into the next month or you can choose a refund for that lesson if I am not able to fit your lesson into my teaching schedule.

I teach lessons both in person and online using the video conferencing option of your choice. I prefer Google Meet, but also use Zoom, Google Duo, and Facetime. It is easiest to schedule the Google Meet ahead of time repeating on both our calendars, and use the same call-in link each time.


Payment Options and Plans

I accept payment via Venmo, Check or cash. I send invoices at the start of each month to reserve your lessons for the month. It is appreciated if you let me know your plans at the start of the month if you know days you will be away. Students reserve a repeating time slot, but I'm happy to move days if you have occasional conflicts. It's best for regularity, repetition, and progress to get a lesson in every week when we can!

I typically observe holidays along with Jeffco's School schedule, but as we sometimes miss lessons some months, I am flexible and will often teach students over holiday breaks if they choose, since they tend to have more time and focus and it's a nice time to dedicate to harp! I will let you know my schedule via AHS monthly newsletters and by phone, and will make every effort to get a Video conference lesson in even if I can't make it happen in person. 


Practicing and Progress

Typically I offer 3 to 4 performance opportunities for my students each year. We like to share our gift of music with retirement homes, at our community center, and around holidays for our families and friends. I encourage all students to prepare solos, duets and performances with ensembles as performance is a skill that requires practice as does playing with others. I don't require participation if you aren't at that stage in your music sharing.

It is best if students practice for at least 20 minutes 6 days per week. I encourage students to set timers on their calendars and schedule in practice time just like any other activity to carve out that most important time for personal growth. I recognize it is difficult to stay motivated to learn an instrument because it is challenging, and I want to support you every step of the way. I welcome feedback from students and parents throughout your practice, and will make every effort to help you achieve your goals if you are willing to partner with me and commit to the "long game". I promise you will never regret putting the time in to have the blessing of Life Long Music in your life!

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