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AHS February 2021 Newsletter

Harp Fantasia

How we've missed being together with friends, family, and other musicians! This year we are hoping for health and togetherness, and more live music!

In these reflective challenging times, many have committed even more to their practice. The practice of learning the harp feeds and relaxes our souls, and the opportunity to share that Love with the world is a real blessing.


  1. I invite you to participate in the Mile High Chapter of the American Harp Society Compilation Project to achieve a "Remote Harp Fantasia". It will be a great opportunity for all levels to improve your reading, playing, recording and listening skills and I am happy to help you prepare and record your parts. Here is more information.

  2. Please fill out this 2021 AHS Interest Survey to help me help you reach your harp goals!

  3. Here are some updates to AHS policies.

  4. Here are some of the Top resources for harpists, locally and online.

As live performances for weddings, symphonies, corporate events and special occasions have come to a screeching halt this last year, I am grateful to have received an Artist Relief Fund Grant from 40 West Arts. I am hoping all the artists out there struggling are finding ways to innovate to get through these unprecedented times.

Happy Trails!

This last year we saw three harp students graduate and move on to great opportunities. Congratulations to Ally Brown, Annalise Theisen and Rachel Hilbert! You will be Dearly Missed! A long time student Lydia Krayson moved to Dubai, but not before making some fun remote duet recordings using Acapella. Bon Voyage Lydia!

Let your Love Shine,

Erin Newton

(303) 253-5090

Ally Brown

Annalise Theisen

Rachel Hilbert

Lydia Krayson off to Dubai!

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