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Alpenglow Harp Studio Spring 2021 Newsletter

Wow! Summer is swiftly approaching and most of us couldn’t be happier for the warmth, sun, and the opportunity to play more music!

Hopefully you all have some fun summer plans. I will be working summer lessons around your schedules and mine, just let me know at the beginning of each month when you be away and I will invoice you accordingly. Currently lessons from June 16-23 and July 12-29 will be online. I'm excited to announce many of you have expressed an interest in playing in small groups together again so I will be offering two summer group workshops. The details are below.

AHS Summer 2021 Group Workshops:

Description: I will be offering group workshops during June and August this summer. These sessions will be 90 min, you will need to bring your harps, seats and stands. Sheet music will be provided. If it is nice, we can have practices on the back patio with the sun shade, or to mix it up, at my parents place a few minutes away in the image above, or at our Five Parks overlook with some lovely mountain views.

Rate: There will be a bonus 30 minutes per lesson as I will be charging for only 60 minute lessons but we will be doing 90 minute sessions so it's a great deal!

June Tuesday 4 sessions at 4 pm: $240: June 1, 8, 15, 29

Aug Tuesday 5 sessions at 4 pm: $300: Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Value: Playing in a group is invaluable and harpists rarely get the opportunity at beginning and intermediate levels. The music offered will have both beginning and intermediate parts. Please let me know by May 28 if you’d like to participate so I can prepare the music. If you’d prefer individual lessons in lieu of group or in addition, those are also an option. Summer is a great time to get quality practice time in and jump start your skills. Working in a group improves your rhythm, reading and listening skills quickly!

If another time or day or time would work better let me know and I may be able to accommodate.

Summer 2021 Alpenglow Harp Studio Workshop Highlights:

  • Rhythm and speed

  • Delivery and dynamics

  • Ensemble Work

  • Technique

  • Ear training

  • Performance (final ensemble video)

Potential Ensemble Music Choices may include several of these:

  1. Edelweiss

  2. Harp Ensemble for All: 8 Easy Trios. (Songs include Ash Grove, Down by the Sally Gardens, Star of the County Down)

  3. The Swan

  4. Simple Gifts

  5. Light Classics duet books

  6. Surf breakers waltz duet

  7. Pipeline (surf rock classic)

  8. Nocturne

  9. America the Beautiful (would be super fun to have a group recording to share on July 4!)

  10. The Harps Hall Duets: Sleep sood Ida Mornin’, Jupiter, Scarborough Fair

  11. A Circle of Harps: 3 part ensemble: Be Thou My Vision

  12. Enchanted Melodies Duets: Easy

  13. Four little Troubadours: four parts, easy: Frere Jacques, Row Row Row your Boat, Lovely Evening

  14. Songs and Carols for two Harpists: Greensleeves

  15. Fly Me to the Moon

  16. Blue Danube Waltz

We will do a final video performance to share with family and friends.

Previously my students have participated in workshops at the University of Colorado in Ft Collins, with the Debussy Trio and myself on the California coast, and in various Harp Fantasias at the Lakewood Performing Arts Center along with many holiday group events at performance venues and retirement homes. This could be a nice compromise for pandemic times to have smaller local groups and still get a great experience!

Happy Harping,

Erin Newton

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